Olympus Camera Stylus 1 12 MP Digital Camera with 10.7X f2.8 Zoom Lens

olympus camera stylus 1Recently compact cameras with large sensors and fast lenses have experienced a large growth in their numbers but only a few of them can zoom beyond the mark of 100mm. Other than that,their lenses are more slower than normal when they are zoomed in. These is not the case with the new Olympus Stylus 1. Its camera gives the true picture image processor with a 12 megapixel made of 1/1.7-inch large BSI CMOS sensor of Olympus stylus xz-2 iHS. It mates these specifications with a 10.7xf2.8 28-300mm lens,excellent shooting performance and fine shooting performance. It has nice touch screen and electronic viewfinder.

Olympus camera shooting performance.

It is one of the very few cameras that are fast. It only takes one second to start and shoot a picture. Its shutter lag is around 0.2second in bright light and 0.5second in low light. Olympus camera is rated with a continuous speed of seven frames per second when at full resolution. The shot to shot times are estimated to average of 0.4seconds when shooting raw or JPEG pictures.

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The Olympus stylus is one of the few cameras that have a 10xzooming capacity and are easily portable. It is smaller and lighter compared to the Panasonic FZ200 and Sony RX10 camera. It gives you a very amazing dSLR like shooting experience. Around the camera lens there is a digital control ring,a lever on the front that allows you to quickly switch modes from digital mode that is for fine zooming and analog mode so as to adjust its settings such as shutter speed and aperture. On the lens is another barrel for speed zoom and a button for pop up flash. Other great features of these camera includes bright high resolution 3inch tilting LCD touch screen, a built in Wi-Fi system and an electronic viewfinder.

Olympus camera has got an image share application for android and iOS that makes good use of the Wi-Fi. It uses QR code for fast set up with you mobile device compared to using NFC like cameras mostly from Panasonic and Sony. iOS share app is used to scan the code that usually pops up on the cameras screen. The app also allows you to transfer and view images to your mobile device,gives you good set of remote control capabilities and geotag photos. It is fitted with an edit module app for signatures,scribbles and also applying filters. For photography only,the Olympus camera battery life is rated for up to 400 shots on only a single charge,but when using it for Wi-Fi,it’s battery life is short. Just under the locking door on the bottom of the camera,there is an SD card slot and battery that is near the tripod mount.When planning to use a fast release plate often,remove it when swapping the SD cards or when you need to charge it. Lastly,the Olympus Stylus 1 offers more zoom in a greater balance of performance,features and design. With the olympus camera you get a larger sensor than the one you’ll find in a mainstream point on shoot image.

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Olympus Camera OM-D E-M5 16MP Live MOS Interchangeable Lens Camera with 3.0-Inch Tilting OLED Touchscreen and 12-50mm Lens

olympus camera

Purchasing a camera is really a big challenge these days. There are lots of cameras that claim to be the best one in the market because of their improved features and performance. The Olympus OM-D E-M5 16MP Live MOS Interchangeable Lens Camera with 3.0-Inch OLED Touchscreen Tilting and 12-50mm Lens is the camera that is really the best one in the market because of the improved features, attractive look and outstanding performance. The digital imaging era has reached a new level with the Olympus E-M5, the first of the launch in the OM Digital series of the Micro Four Third products in the market. The camera is designed for the advanced photographers who see the world through their lenses.

Specifications of This Camera

The Olympus camera is for those photographers who are seeking for higher performance with better and improved features. The 16MP camera has the Micro Four Third sensor and is capable of continuous shooting. It has the ability to shoot 9 frames per second and the articulated 3inch touch screen LCD that has 610,000 dots is capable of clicking high quality images. Again, it is good camera coming with the world’s first 5 axis image stabilizer that can easily make up the shakes that occur in multi directions during clicking still photos or capturing videos. The 3D AF tracking along with the auto focusing system gives the best quality of images to you. The lightweight alloy body that is made up of magnesium is capable of capturing 1080 videos and has the 120 frame per second refresh rate for clicking the best quality of pictures. The FL-LM2 flash unit of the Olympus camera allows it to click superior quality of pictures with high resolution.

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The Olympus OM-D E-M5 16MP Live MOS Interchangeable Lens Camera with 3.0-Inch OLED Touchscreen Tilting and 12-50mm Lens is really the best one in the market because of its features that has made the product unique. Some of the pros of this camera are as follows:

  • You can get 100 percent field view with the 120 fps rate electronic view finder that can provide you the best images. The 1.15 magnifications along with the art filter effects and a variation of exposure adjustments is one of the finest features of this camera.
  • The superior image quality is due to the 16.1MP MOS sensor of this Olympus camera which gives the best image with the finest clarity. Moreover, it clicks quality images even in the low light environment. While capturing an image it will offer super speedy features along with the finest of performance.
  • The blazing speed of this camera is due to its FAST AF system along with the finest of operational speed, electronic zoom lens and the focusing speed which gives you the advantage to shoot pictures even in the most challenging situations.
  • The 5axis stabilizations system is very much effective in taking up photos with long exposures, macro close up and telephoto shots that are of high magnification.
  • The 9 FPS sequential shooting is very much helpful in shooting fast moving objects like pets and wild life. It is also a great option for capturing the sports action.
  • The Olympus camera featuring a durable body along with dust proof and splash proof constriction is really a great one to carry at any situation.


Each and every good product comes with some manageable cons. Few of the negative points of the Olympus camera are as follows:

  • The disadvantages of the product include its short battery life along with the capability of a limited zooming option.
  • Again the complicated controls of the camera may appear to be difficult for some of its users. So it is advised to read the instruction manual carefully before one starts to operate the camera.

The Olympus Camera with 3.0-Inch OLED Touchscreen Tilting with 12-50mm Lens gives you the finest of pictures with the best resolution. It is easy to carry and once the operations are understood the photographers can handle the camera easily and can click pictures customizing each and every setting. This is among the best cameras in the market that comes in a reasonable price along with high durability and outstanding looks that offers it a perfect finish.

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